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Influencer Marketing

Amplify your brand's voice with the right influencer

Identifying the ultimate influencers for any campaigns based on dynamic metrics of fan base & the brand target audience, values, and budget, equally installing a performance score methodology per influencer for successful repeat campaigns. 


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The services we offer you

NDS uses its database and expertise to help clients identify and vet the right influencers for their brands. This includes considering factors such as the influencer’s niche, reach, engagement rate, and audience demographics.

Developing influencer marketing campaigns that are aligned with overall marketing goals. This includes developing creative concepts, content briefs, and campaign timelines.

Managing relationships with influencers. This includes providing support and guidance, as well as tracking the results of campaigns and measuring ROI.

Creating high-quality content for influencer marketing campaigns. includes blog posts, creating social media posts, and videos.

executing influencer marketing campaigns and measuring the results. This includes tracking metrics such as reach, engagement, and traffic.


Creative Features

Increasing Brand Awareness

Getting your product or service in front of a large audience of potential customers. by having influencers promote your brand to their followers through social media posts, blog articles, or other online content. 

Build Trust and Credibility

Associating your brand with trusted and respected influencers

Long-term influencer partnerships

Allowing brands to build deeper relationships with influencers, leading to more authentic and effective content that resonates with the target audience.

Influencer Marketing Saves Time

Allowing businesses to leverage the relationships that influencers have built with their followers, instead of having to build those relationships themselves. 

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